Langendorf Langendorf Flatliner SB-15 H 95/92 Innenlader

  • Basis
  • Type Trailer
  • Mærke Langendorf
  • Model Langendorf Flatliner SB-15 H 95/92
  • Opbygning Innenlader
  • Aksel 3
  • Stand Ny
  • Registrering
  • Årgang 2022
  • Ref. nr. 6821
  • Chassis
  • Akseltryk 27.000 kg
  • Vægt
  • Egenvægt 9.720 kg
  • Totalvægt 45.000 kg
  • Dimensioner
  • Bredde 2.550 mm



LANGENDORF-Flatliner SB-15 H 95 / 92, for the transport of
Prefabricated elements, suitable for a two-axle or three-axle semitrailer tractor.

Approx. Dimensions:
NOTE: Lengths vary depending on the country of destination.

Total width:
2,550 mm

Ladelange Podestaufbau:
900 mm

3.150 mm

9.500 mm

Length of loading shaft:
1.550 mm

Track gauge:
2.140 mm

Center distance:
1.410/1.390 mm

Saddle-high loaded:
1.200 mm

height approx. :
350 mm

Swivel margin.., rear:
2.500 mm

9.200 mm


1006 rims: steel rim, 11.75 x 22.5, ET 45.

1101 Full aluminium side panelling, closed from below, removable, in accordance with ECE 73.


1201 Ruckwandtor: Kombitor, horizontal um ca. 270° swivel, left-mounted, hydraulically locked on the right, vertically hydraulically mountable.

1301 Underrun protection: Integrated in the jerk wall, foldable for the transport of several empty pallets.

Bremsan age

1401 Automatic load-dependent two-line compressed air brake, in accordance with EU regulations, parking brake by tristop cylinder, Wabco EBS-E, type 4S/2M, RSS- Roll Stability Support.

150 1 compressed air retainer brake: In steel extension.
160 1 Kupplungskopfe: Duomatic fur Druckluftanschluss.
170 1 Brakeless function: Upper pushbutton switch, in control box.

Construction Podest

1801 Platform front wall: Made of aluminium profiles, fixed, 1,600 mm high, screwed.

1901 Ladder: Aluminium ladder, with holder on the front wall of the platform, lying inside (lower edge ladder on high approx. 600mm).

2001 Side windscreen, 1.3m high, removable, incl. Stake pockets and fastening material. (Front wall necessary, min. 1.3 m high).


2101 Storage compartment: Rear left and right each a storage compartment with a tur.

2201 Storage compartment in the floor of the pedestal: None.

Load securing:

230 1 7 pairs of zurrings (5 t) distributed equally on the long carriers.

240 1 Fixing device: In hydraulic design.
3 pairs of fixing devices ais load securing, hydraulically, horizontally and vertically adjustable, can be moved and locked in the long direction on angle rails, operation completely from the ground.

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